Peer Support Group

What is WoA peer support?

Peer support groups hosted through WoA is a foundational step in creating a safe space for whistleblowers to discuss individualized experiences and benefit from shared knowledge. Hosted by a trained peer who can help guide the explorative group experience.

What is the purpose of peer support?

Peer support intents to provide you with the following skills;

  • Identification of the psychological impact of whistleblowing

  • A safe place to openly discuss your personal experience

  • Identify and implementation of new coping skills

  • Validating and sharing your personal experience, with a focus on restorative justice and resilience skills

Is peer support therapy?

Peer support is not being provided as a therapeutic service, yet is founded in peer support therapy theories. The host will frame the peer support group session utilizing "Whistleblowers of America Peer Support Mentor Training Manual: Peer Support in overcoming the toxic tactics of whistleblower retaliation" – by Jacqueline Garrick


Host: Christian Greene

When: TBD when interest allows for a group of 7 or more.


$135 for 9 sessions, the first session is free! (10 sessions in total)

WHY a Bundled Cost:

In order to establish trust and confidentiality amongst the peer group we ask that individuals commit to the sessions in advance.

When the waitlist is at capacity we will reach out to each to determine timing and commitment to the 10 group sessions.

Where: Google Meet

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