United in Seeking Justice

Whistleblowers are everywhere and can be anyone who sees wrongdoing and speaks out to stop it. However, it is often a lonely and confusing legal process. In the news media, we hear stories of victims who have waited decades before coming forward or have had to work for years to gather enough evidence to be credible. Yet, they protect individuals and the public from all kinds of harm - ranging from medical errors to toxic contamination to financial fraud to discrimination and sexual abuse. Whistleblowers are the first relators of wrongdoing!

WoA is a nonprofit organization assisting whistleblowers who have suffered retaliation after having identified harm to individuals or the public.

Together, we can speak truth to power.


WoA is here to help change all of that. Our primary mission is to provide evidence-based peer support that matches mentors and mentees who follow a WoA whistleblower strategic plan designed to reduce the stress on the whistleblower and assist in problem-solving and decision-making.

WoA has developed its taxonomy to promote the understanding of the toxic tactics of retaliation and tools that clinicians and attorneys can use to document the impact of retaliation.

WoA has experts available who can assist with mediation, education, and training for an organization that wants to resolve conflicts and prevent retaliation.

Why Peer Support?

Whistleblowers should not have to be alone in relating wrongdoing. For too long, the negative stereotypes and ostracism have hurt honest and ethical employees who take on toxic leaders in a hostile environment.

As peers, we can come together and support each other through an often confusing legal process. While complaints and disclosures take years to investigate, whistleblowers suffer retaliation, retribution, and reprisal, resulting in financial, legal, social, emotional, and physical consequences.

Peer support is an evidence-based approach to handling those traumatic stressors.


· Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Violations

· Disability and Reasonable Accommodations

· NO FEAR Act Protections

· Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Complaints

· Waste, Fraud and Abuse Reports

· Prohibited Personnel Practices

· Office of Special Counsel (OSC) Cases

· Inspector General (IG) and other Investigations

· Veterans and Survivor Benefits Denials

. Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

· Toxic Tactics & Workplace Violence Prevention


- Education and training in understanding the toxic tactics of whistleblower retaliation and hostile work environment prevention.

- Peer to peer support in overcoming the traumatic stress caused by retaliation and help with problem-solving.

- Offer mediation services between employees and employers to resolve issues without the need for litigation.

- Engage media in a public advocacy campaign on behalf of whistleblowers and watchdogs.

Veterans make excellent Whistleblowers

Reports of Wrongdoing

Peer Support: When your life depends on it


If you would like to discuss your situation with WoA or be a member, please use the contact form below, and we will have a mentor get back to you. We would also welcome you as a mentor if you would like to sign up. As a peer mentor, you can be a part of our team, advocate for whistleblower protections, or offer mediation services.

Can you help by taking our survey?

We hope you can take part in a pivotal survey on hostile work environments that we are conducting. The results will be used to understand better the tactics related to whistleblower retaliation and the impacts on employees. This Survey should take an average of 15 minutes to complete, and all respondents’ information is strictly confidential. The Survey is being run on Qualtrics. You may share this link with anyone you think might be able to participate. However, we are limited to 100 respondents, so act quickly!

Please click the link below to begin. Thank you for your support!