About Us


Our mission is to provide evidence-based peer support that matches mentors and mentees who follow a whistleblower strategic plan designed to reduce the stress on the whistleblower and assist in problem-solving and decision-making.


Whistleblowers of America aims to provide justice, courage, integrity, and sympathy for anyone who has suffered from retaliation. 


To provide a voice for employees who fear speaking out against violations due to retaliation.

What is Whistleblowing

Whistleblowers are everywhere and can be any employee (including military personnel) who sees wrongdoing and speaks out to stop it. However, it is often a lonely and confusing legal process. In the news media, we hear stories of victims who have waited decades before coming forward or have had to work for years to gather enough evidence to be credible. Yet, they protect individuals and the public from all kinds of harm - ranging from medical errors to toxic contamination to financial fraud to discrimination and sexual abuse. Whistleblowers are the first relators of wrongdoing!

Why Should You Care?

Unfortunately, many in the position who blow the whistle face workplace abuse and loss of job opportunities. People believe those who "snitch" on their superiors don’t deserve protection. In some societies, whistleblowers are equated to traitors and liars. Without them, employers could freely embezzle, harass their employees, and destroy the lives of the public without consequence. 

Who Is A Whistleblower & What Do They Do?

Whistleblowers are essential parts of the workplace, and the main reason injustice is brought to light. When someone takes a stand and reports evidence about the corrupt actions employers and supervisors perpetrate for personal gain, it evens the playing field and dispels the inequality between the workers and employers.