The Art of Advocacy

Spreading awareness of whistleblowing and corruption by simplifying complex problems through art!

Throughout history, Art has been both a motivational and defining element of culture. Artistic visionaries can stimulate creative thought and raise our collective cultural consciousness. Art has the power to unite or divide and calm or incite. Art of Advocacy seeks to raise awareness and promote change by captivating imagination and encouraging social transformation.

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Jimmy Regal and the Royals

A howlin’ blues three piece straight out of South London. Signed to Lunaria Records, their most recent EP, 'Ain't Done Yet' hit #1 in its first week of release on the Amazon blues charts and is available along with their acclaimed album, 'Late Night Chicken'.  



A collection of daily perspectives, reflection & artistry for self-care and personal development. Begin today or any day of the year!

Message from the Dr. Richard C. Scepura

I am honored to be a stakeholder with Whistleblowers of America and to share my research and method with those who are suffering the most harmful effects of burnout syndrome. The justice processes that are involved with whistleblowing are daunting.  Often truth-tellers report unjust events or circumstances to authorities, but the system doesn’t always protect whistleblowers from process burnout or other things like retaliation, blacklisting, or isolation they experience as a result. Often the victim perceives blame while the offender isn’t always held accountable.   Picking up the pieces and reimagining a new life and transitioning a career or finding a different pathway is a possibility. As we come together to explore healing and transcending from these emotionally, physically, and spiritually painful events it is my hope that those in need will find value in my work and help them self-validate, move on, and heal. 

Be A Giraffe Art Contest Winner 2024


Amy Eli Huxtable

Amy Eli Huxtable is an art therapist at the University of Kansas Health System, Marillac Campus. Huxtable has over ten years of experience working with children and adolescents in a variety of educational, recreational, and therapeutic settings. Huxtable is also a freelance graphic designer and the author and illustrator of A Graphic Guide to Art Therapy.

Artist Statement

I dabbled with a variety of traditional art materials while working on this piece for the “Be a Giraffe” campaign.  After trying watercolor, oil pastel, and colored pencils, I found myself getting drawn to my background in graphic design. In my design work, I attempt to keep imagery as simple as possible while communicating a message. 

It was easy enough to conjure an initial idea, given the prompt of the contest. A giraffe with a message of sticking one’s neck out in the name of rightdoing. I started with the obvious image of a giraffe sticking its neck out, and then I realized that I wanted to portray a sense of hope. While the other giraffes are stuck in the toxic patterns of an unethical workplace, the whistleblower giraffe is ready to break free, toward the light. While there is only one whistleblower giraffe, all the giraffes have long necks and therefore have the ability to stick their necks out. The inclusion of more than one giraffe shows that anyone can stand up to injustices; it just takes recognition and a little bit of bravery.