The Art of Advocacy

Spreading awareness of whistleblowing and corruption by simplifying complex problems through art!

Throughout history, Art has been both a motivational and defining element of culture. Artistic visionaries can stimulate creative thought and raise our collective cultural consciousness. Art has the power to unite or divide and calm or incite. Art of Advocacy seeks to raise awareness and promote change by captivating imagination and encouraging social transformation.

Help us raise money for video messaging and art contests.

Who are we looking for?






What are we looking for?


Graphic designs



Animated/Live short videos

Fine Art




Jackie Garrick


Ted Blickwedel


Dr. Richard C. Scepura


Paul Pearson


Ryan Sweazey

Lt Col (ret), USAF


Andrew Samuels


Heidi Weber


Megan VanMeter



Jimmy Regal and the Royals

A howlin’ blues three piece straight out of South London. Signed to Lunaria Records, their most recent EP, 'Ain't Done Yet' hit #1 in its first week of release on the Amazon blues charts and is available along with their acclaimed album, 'Late Night Chicken'.  



A collection of daily perspectives, reflection & artistry for self-care and personal development. Begin today or any day of the year!

Message from the Dr. Richard C. Scepura

I am honored to be a stakeholder with Whistleblowers of America and to share my research and method with those who are suffering the most harmful effects of burnout syndrome. The justice processes that are involved with whistleblowing are daunting.  Often truth-tellers report unjust events or circumstances to authorities, but the system doesn’t always protect whistleblowers from process burnout or other things like retaliation, blacklisting, or isolation they experience as a result. Often the victim perceives blame while the offender isn’t always held accountable.   Picking up the pieces and reimagining a new life and transitioning a career or finding a different pathway is a possibility. As we come together to explore healing and transcending from these emotionally, physically, and spiritually painful events it is my hope that those in need will find value in my work and help them self-validate, move on, and heal. 

Be A Giraffe Art Contest

Unleash your creativity and join our incredible art contest! We're on the lookout for a stunning piece that will grace the cover of the upcoming "Be A Giraffe" Book. Imagine your artwork captivating readers' hearts while earning you $500 and the  bragging rights! This contest is in memory of Rachel Garrick, artist and mother(1929-2023).

The Prize

🏆 $500 cash reward.

📘 Your artwork featured as the cover of the "Be A Giraffe" Book, reaching countless readers.


We are looking for artwork/illustrations that features Giraffes

How to Enter

1️⃣ Create your masterpiece.

2️⃣ Share it with using the submission form below.

3️⃣ Cross your fingers and wait for April 7th 2024!


Submission runs from October 1st till March 24th, 2024.  

The winner will be announced on World Health Day, April 7th, 2024.


There are a few restrictions on medium or artistic modality.  Artwork must be submitted in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format and should not exceed 50MB in size and 8x10 layout.

Additional artwork eligibility requirements:



Judges are members of the Whistleblowers of America executive team. The judging criteria will include: interpretation of the Be A Giraffe campaign theme, level of creativity and originality, quality of the artwork, and the artistic skill demonstrated.


Jacqueline Garrick, founder of Whistleblowers of America (WoA) wrote a short allegory, she calls Be A GiraffeUsing the giraffe as the mascot for WoA because whistleblowers stand tall and stick their necks out for others while risking criticism, Be A Giraffe is the anthem for rightdoing.  The goal of the story is to teach ethics to young adults before they enter the workforce. Its themes include such topics as leadership, diversity and inclusion, civility and courage. It’s what it takes to be a boss or co-worker.

The Art of Advocacy project was started by Paul Pearson, WoA Vice President who believes that society needs a broader conversation around workplace integrity, ethics, and a positive understanding of whistleblowing.

If you agree and want to join this cause, submit your work today!