Bring together subpopulations of whistleblowers in a forum to share information and focus on their unique issues and identify ways to work together to address challenges.  

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National Security Is Under Attack When Whistleblowers Are Attacked

Employees working in the national security space face greater conflicts when trying to expose wrongdoing while still protecting our democratic values and principles.  How can whistleblowers do the right thing when there are threats to their safety, security clearances and the public interest.  What should be reported and what is classified. What are the real problems we face in protecting national interests?

Frank Snepp

A former highly decorated senior CIA analyst, one of the earliest NATSEC whistleblowers. His unapproved memoir, Decent Interval, exposed intelligence bungling surrounding the fall of Saigon.

Kel McClanahan

Kel McClanahan is an attorney specializing in national security law and information and privacy law. 

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National Crime Victims Rights Week

We will discuss when whistleblowers become crime victims and what they can do about it. According to the Office of Victims of Crime, there are state and local resources available to help so come learn more about what you can do when crimes are involved in your case.

(Group discussion, no special guests.)

Our Guests



Women in Leadership

Women in business can face many challenges, especially when competing for contracts and clients. They must cope with gender biases and stereotypes, break glass ceilings and ward off sexual harassment to be successful. What can be done to ensure that women can be hired, mentored  and promoted so that they can win business and build companies?

Renée Brooker

Renée Brooker was a long-time Civil Frauds Assistant Director at the United States Department of Justice, the Office that supervises all False Claims Act cases in all 94 United Stated District Courts.  In this leadership role, she was responsible for billions of dollars in recoveries and held companies accountable for their conduct.

Jeanine Moss

Jeanine Moss is a brand development, marketing and communications specialist who guides people, organizations and brands from launch to re-positioning and growth.


Whistleblowing While Black

What role does race play when reporting fraud, waste, and abuse? Where do Diversity and Inclusion programs fail and what is a better way forward? According to a Politico article, it is a different experience for people of color, especially women, when it comes to being believed. It goes on to say, “Silicon Valley has been under pressure for years to diversify its workforce, but companies often don’t do enough to ensure the women of color joining its ranks have the resources and support they need to adjust to a hegemonic internal culture, the whistleblowers say.”  

What can we do to make it safer for minorities in government or the private sector to be able to speak?

Our Guests

Herschenia Brown

Herschenia A. Brown is a Workplace and Civil Mediator, Outsourced Organizational Ombudsman, Corporate Consultant, FINRA Arbitrator, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Speaker, and Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author.

Paul Pearson

Cybersecurity Specialist with over 15 years of IT experience, 10 years of military experience, and 5 years of management experience. Excels in team environments and has excellent communication skills. Experience in government, non-profit organizations, and the private sector, large and small. Detailed understanding of technology, new and old. IT innovator eager to create more secure information systems and promote safe work environments.

Tonisha Pinckney

With nearly 25 years of expertise at the nexus of business consulting, criminal justice, and criminology, I've honed a unique blend of skills in financial forensics, fraud examination, and risk management. My journey reflects a profound commitment to integrity, justice, and excellence in every professional endeavor.

Our Guest


The Stigma of Whistleblowing Within NonProfits

Nonprofits are not immune to corruption or bullies. They are like any other workplace. However, for the whistleblower who joins such a team, there can be an even more complicated path to disclosing wrongdoing because of the risk to the entire mission. There is a commitment to the goals and objectives of the organization. Its beneficiaries rely upon the services provided and if the whistleblowing causes the mission to be impacted, the whistleblower can suffer even greater consequences of guilt and moral injury when problems are not fixed. 

Angela Bruce-Raeburn, MPA, M.A., MACSP.

Accomplished executive with over 13 years of experience in international development, humanitarian intervention, strategic planning, advocacy, and capacity strengthening. Recognized as an equity and inclusion thought leader, opinion writer, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. Demonstrated executive-level leadership, successfully navigating a California non-profit through challenging financial periods. Proven ability to build and cultivate coalitions, driving policy change through effective advocacy.