Dr. David A. Tenenbaum

Dr. David A. Tenenbaum has been working for the US Army as a civilian engineer since December 1984. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Chemical Engineering and a Doctorate in Business Administration. Dr. Tenenbaum has extensive experience working with other countries, conducting risk assessments and assessing technologies worldwide, and developing business opportunities worldwide. He managed and was one of the primary developers of the gunner restraint system for the Humvee, which prevented the gunner from being ejected and killed in the event of a rollover. 

He was one of the first scientists/engineers in the US to recognize the deficiency of the Humvees against IEDs and developed a program with the Israelis and Germans to ensure the safety of US soldiers in these vehicles. Tenenbaum was selected to be the US Army exchange engineer to Israel and fast-tracked for upper management until he was accused of treason. He continues his fight to this day to clear his name publicly and have the US Army accept responsibility and be held accountable for its false accusations against him. David resides in Michigan with his family.