Erika Cheung

Currently, the executive director of Ethics in Entrepreneurship, a non-profit whose mission is to foster ethical questioning, culture, and systems in startups and startup ecosystems. We provide programs catered to workers, investors, and founders. 

Erika is an advisor to several family offices, venture capital firms, and governmental investment programs focused on healthcare, biosciences, and biotechnology companies. She invests a portion of her time building cross-border networks between the US and the Asia Pacific region to facilitate the growth of companies operating in emerging markets. 

The media extensively covered her as a key whistleblower in the Theranos scandal. She reported the fraud case to regulators preventing the company from providing false lab results to patients. She's currently working towards obtaining her ACFE-certified fraud examiner's license to educate others on fraud prevention strategies and develop programs to protect business stakeholders from high-risk ventures. She is also an advisor to several whistleblower advocacy organizations to support individuals who may be retaliated against while reporting misconduct. 

She is passionate about innovation ecosystem building, development, economic mobility, affordable healthcare, and public-interest technology projects. She is an avid mixed martial artist in her free time and hopes to support efforts that leverage martial arts to empower trauma survivors.