Paul Pearson

As Vice President, Mr. Pearson provides leadership to invigorate Whistleblowers of America’s digital presence.  Paul's focus is to enhance their technology support and cyber security strategies. Additionally, he is striving to increase their marketing and social media presence. 

This mission is close to Paul's heart after having experienced professional retaliation himself. In 2019 Paul was forced to leave his contracting position after trying to report corporate espionage to the head of insider threats while working for the Army's High Performance Computing Program. He discovered that help for whistleblowers is not readily available. Yet, he found the guidance he needed from Jacqueline Garrick, President of WoA. Paul credits Jacqueline with her unwavering support during a frustrating time.

Paul’s professional background boasts:

Along with his work with Whistleblowers of America, Paul also is the owner and operator of Running Name LLC. Running Name LLC is a technological strategy consultative firm. Through Running Name LLC, Mr. Pearson will identify technology needs and implement solutions by providing a roadmap and employee training. His contributions have an ROI due to projected vendor growth. Paul's educational background includes a B.S. in Information Systems from Strayer University. Currently, Paul is attending George Mason University to obtain his Master’s in Information Systems Management. His completion date is set for 2023. Mr. Pearson credits his time in the military for where he is today. His first formal education in IT was through the US Air Force Reserve. Along with his time there as a Metrology Technician and a Cyber space Defense Operator.