Roundtable Series

What is the Roundtable Series?

Bring together subpopulations of whistleblowers in a forum to share information and focus on their unique issues and identify ways to work together to address challenges. Attendee participation is invited and encouraged but feel free to watch and listen.

When? 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm EST

Where? Virtual platform, Zoom or Google Meet.

Is it Free? Yes, but donations are always welcome.

January Volume.

Law Enforcement Officers Overcoming Obstacles

January 24th 2023

Breaking the Blue Wall of Silence has been deadly for some and life-altering for others while crimes go under-reported or covered up in an area of growing police suspicions. How can law enforcement officers help each other heal and address major issues in their profession and live healthy, safe lives.

Mike Zummer

After graduating from Duke University in 1993, Mike Zummer served for four years as a Marine Corps infantry officer, then investigated white collar crime as a FBI Special Agent. He served in Iraq with the Marines in 2004-2005 and graduated from Stanford Law School in 2007. Mike clerked for a U.S. Court of Appeals Judge before returning to the FBI to investigate corruption for eight years. Mike was forced out of the FBI in 2016 for reporting prosecutorial misconduct. He is currently fighting for his and other federal employees’ constitutional rights to report government wrongdoing.

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Bobby Ledoger

U.S. Navy Veteran (Military Police Investigator & Instructor) and ex-Supervisory Deputy US Marshal defended his subordinate, a female Deputy US Marshal, from being sexually harassed, assaulted, and bullied. He then was targeted by federal and local law enforcement officers and is now involved with the Merit System Protection Board and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But For doing his job.

More than 25 years of military and federal law enforcement experience. Proven ability to strategically plan, coordinate, and direct diversified missions and institute and lead systems, programs and assure performance. Consistently act as a liaison between departments, agencies, clients, the public, and outside companies. Values-based leadership style centered on integrity, compassion, and respect, hiring, training, mentoring staff, and establishing effective training programs and resources in changing and challenging environments, crises, and incident response. Professional solid background balanced with extensive administrative and financial management skills.

Tim Petowsky

Special Agent Petoskey began his civilian law enforcement carrier with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department in 1991. After assisting in exposing the wrongdoing of former Sherriff Charles Morris and Teresa Adams, he was relocated to the Union Gap Police Department in Washington State. He retired in 2009 and accepted a job with the Department of Veterans Affairs Police service that same year.

During his tenure for VA Police, he has been a uniformed police officer (GS-0083), a police instructor (GS-1712) and as a Special Agent (GS-1811). He has severed on the Secretary’s protection team. And served as the sole investigating officer for the VA Puget Sound Health Care System.

Tim began his whistleblowing actions at VAPD in 2011. Has been featured in the Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune, Stars and Stripes, The Daily Caller, The Interceptor, The Washington Post and the Buchanon Report. He was terminated on 19 Dec 2022 in retaliation for his whistleblowing efforts